Designed For Your Comfort

The services and facilities of The Prema Ubud Romantic Villas are designed for your comfort and convenience. Motivated by the goal to offer romantic holiday experienced with a congenial, friendly attitude and a professional manner, we look forward to bringing you plenty of pleasant experience-enhancing services.

We want you to experience your perfect stay. If you need help whether before or after arrival, do not hesitate to chat, call, or email us.

Personal Service

Personal Service

Prema Ubud Villa has given us a great task to manage. We therefore always strive to give you the best service and is sure to ensure that you thrive. As our guest, you should always get the feeling that we are here for you.

Fully Air-conditioned Room

Fully Air-conditioned Room

With most of our guests are coming from anywhere else around the world, we understand how inconvenience the weather in Bali can be. Every room in our villas are equipped with air-conditioner so you don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty on a warm sunny day.

Car Parking

Car Parking

Our parking lots are available every day and can fit up to 5 cars. As a part of our facility, you are free to park and will not be charged more.

Security Guard

Security Guard

To ensure your safety, we employ professional guards along with the security system in some corners. The guard will always be there 24/7. Anytime you are in need, do not wait to ask for help.

Villa Services

Front Desk

Our front desk staffs are always ready to help you if you require any assistance.

Daily Breakfast

We already tackle your morning hustle by preparing breakfast every day.

Well-equipped Kitchen

It allows you to cook meals for two and in times you don’t feel like cooking, call one of our staff.

High-Speed WiFi

Each villa has a WiFi network that reaches every corner of the property.


We make sure to always keep your place clean, tidy, and fresh.

Cable TV

Staycation can also be thrilling with various movies and films from our cable TV.